What’s up with the price of a stock on Momentum?

The value of stocks on the online platform is rising faster than the average U.S. stock, according to a recent report from investment research firm Momentum.In the second quarter of

How to make your own paint in the back yard

Traditionally, you have to buy paint from a professional, and it takes several months of research before you’re able to get a paint job done.However, it’s now possible to buy

Which is better for you? Extended hours or daily?

Updated June 26, 2019 10:25:42 A new study says the long-term benefits of extended hours trading are more than worth the risks.Key points:Extended hours, which allows traders to trade on

What is the Trading Post?

The Trading Post, or TradePost, is an online trading card database.The site’s creators, Tom Hodge and Kevin Phelan, have spent the last two years building the database in their spare