New Zealand is offering to give you the option of buying a holiday in 2017 for just $2.00.

The Government has announced a discount on holidays in New Zealand, offering a discount of 25 per cent off holidays for New Zealanders aged 25 and over.

For those looking to save a little bit of cash, the Government has also introduced a 25 per-cent discount on all New Zealand holidays for those aged 18 and over, and a 50 per- cent discount on Christmas holidays for adults aged 18-25.

The announcement follows a raft of holiday discounts announced by the Government over the last couple of years.

In 2016, the New Zealand Government introduced a 50-per-cent holiday discount for New Zealander aged 25 to 39, and another 50 per cent discount for people aged 60 and over in 2017.

New Zealand has also announced a 25-per cent discount in 2018 for holidaymakers aged 65 and over and a 15-per‑cent discount in 2019 for holiday-makers aged 75 and overThe Government’s Christmas 2017 discount on holiday shopping has been introduced in New York, Chicago, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio and the UK.

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