I know I’m the type of person who loves to talk about trading cards but when it comes to Disney trading pins and Disney trading card numbers, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

You know how when I say, “I love trading pin cards” people always respond with, “Oh, you’re not really into trading pin numbers” or “But you’ve got Disney trading pin trading cards!”?

Well, I’m talking about Disney trading numbers.

Yes, Disney trading numbered trading pins have a history of trading and collecting for years.

You may have seen them around the Disney parks, on Pinterest, or in stores like Disney Shop.

But what you might not know is that trading pin number numbers are actually trading pins from Disney.

And now, Disney is making it easy to trade those pins.

Disney is finally bringing trading pin back to the Disney Parks in the form of trading cards.

Disney has been working hard on their digital trading card app and it’s finally coming.

The app has been in beta since late April and the app will be available to download for free starting July 14. 

So, what’s going on?

The app will allow you to trade Disney trading number trading pins.

Here’s what you need to know.


The Disney Trading Pin Exchange allows you to search for and purchase Disney trading PIN trading cards online.

The trading pins are in the same format as the pins you would find in the trading cards app, so if you need a pin number, you can find it by searching for it. 

There are two different kinds of trading pins available: the original Disney Trading Pins that you can buy for $20.99 or the Disney Trading Card Pins.

Both types are available for trading on the Disney website, DisneyShop.com, or through DisneyStore.com.


When you search for a Disney tradingpin you can also choose which Disney pin you’d like to trade.

You can also trade from one Disney pin to another using the Trading Card PIN.

The Trading Card Pin is available on the online trading card website, the Trading Pin Shop, or the Trading Pinstagram Pin Shop.


Once you find a Disney pin that you want to trade, you’ll see a QR code that you need in order to download the pin number and send it to the person who purchased it.

The pins you buy in the app are valid for two years.

The person who buys the pin you want can then use that pin number to trade it for a pin that’s still valid.

Disney trading Pin trading cards are available through Disney’s digital trading app.

Disney Trading Cards are also available through the Trading Board, DisneyStore, and DisneyShop (although Disney’s website has been blocked due to the lockdown of the app). 

So how do I trade a Disney Trading pin?

The easiest way to trade a pin is to select it from the trading pins section on the app.

 There’s a list of Disney tradingpins on the Trading Boards website.

Once you select a Disney number you’ll be given the option to buy or sell that number.

You’ll then need to enter the correct value for the pin.

You should enter the value of the pin in the box marked “buy” and the pin value in the “sell” box.

The box next to the pin’s value will show a “Buy” or a “Sell” option for the amount of your purchase. 

You can also select the pin from the “Buy and Sell” tab.

For example, if you’re buying a Disney card, you may want to enter $10 and enter $20 in the buy and sell options.

If you’re selling a Disney Pin, you would want to select $10, enter $0 in the sell option and enter “zero” in the get pin number option. 

Disney Trading Pint trading cards have a maximum of 20 pins that can be traded.

You don’t need to purchase or sell any more Disney trading Pins in order for you to get a new pin.

To trade a new Disney trading pincart pin, you simply need to add it to your cart.

Once the cart is full, you will receive a notification on the trading board that says, “This pin is not yet available.

Please try again.”

I have a question about Disney Trading PIN trading.

I have a few questions and they are answered on this FAQ.

When is a Disney Trade Pin going to come out? 

The pins will come out about a week after the end of each trading period.

Will a Disney trade pin expire? 

Disney trading pin pins will expire after three trading periods.

What’s the difference between a Disney and Disney Trading card? 

A Disney Trading is a pin with a value of $20, $30, or $40. 

A Trading Card is