A stock trading simulation game that simulates stock trading in real time.

It is also a trading simulator for gamers.

The game features: Stock trading, real-time stock and bond trading, stock prices, and price movement.

The title is based on the popular trading simulator StockTron.

It was created by a group of young developers in 2014, who started to develop a stock trading sim.

They had been using the sim for a long time, and decided to bring it to the game development stage.

The developers are aiming for the game to be fully playable in under a month, and have already reached out to several major game studios to help them with their development.

The developers are hoping that their game will help them in their endeavors to make a career in game development.

The simulator is an open source project.

The game is based off the classic trading sim StockTropics, which was developed in the 1990s.

It features real-world trading data, stock data, trading algorithms, and market indices.

The development team hopes that they will be able to make this game available to gamers soon, and to give gamers a chance to play StockTropolis and StockTrols in real-life trading.

The project is currently in the beta stage.