Christmas trading cards can now be yours in Marvel Trading Cards: Superhero Heroes of Trading Place, the third wave of trading cards from Marvel Comics.

The trading cards will feature Marvel Comics superheroes, villains and other iconic characters in a wide range of media.

These new cards come with exclusive trading cards featuring Marvel Comics characters in the past, present and future.

Each of the trading cards features a different character and has a different story.

The cards feature Marvel characters and their stories, and the cards will have multiple cover designs and alternate artwork.

For the first time, trading cards with Marvel characters can be played with the Disney Infinity 2.0 controllers.

These trading cards come in two sizes, with a 16-card deck and a 36-card set.

The set also includes Marvel Comics trading cards.

In addition to Marvel Comics, Marvel’s Super Heroes of trading place will feature characters from other popular properties such as Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, X-Men, The Avengers and Deadpool.

The trading cards also include a selection of classic comic book trading cards and a variety of new cards.

Each set of trading card includes three unique cards, one from each of the three main Marvel characters: Spider-man, Wolverine, and Thor.

The characters will appear on a single card.

The card features Marvel characters with special art and will feature a different artwork for each card.

Each of the four trading cards has a number of trading points on it, which can be used to purchase new cards in the set.

Marvel’s trading cards are available for purchase from, at participating retailers and online at