The official TF2 Trading Card Template app has been updated to v2.5.1 with some of the most requested changes from the community. 

The app’s new look has been inspired by the new TF2 logo and it is now powered by the popular Card Builder application. 

While there are still some changes to make to the app’s core functionality, this update brings the app to a much improved state. 

One of the biggest changes is the introduction of an ‘In-Game Template’ which allows players to create their own trading card templates using the app. 

As the TF2 community has grown over the years, many have come to expect the app for trading card design to come with a template app that is easy to use and allows the user to easily create their template. 

However, this template app has remained an option for users who are not familiar with the app and has remained a rather confusing and difficult process to use. 

This update brings this feature to the card templates app, which allows users to upload and download their own template for free. 

Although there are a number of templates that can be downloaded through the app, it is only available to users who have purchased the Card Builder app for use with the Card Template Template app.