Duluth, Minnesota, is one of the newest cities in the Midwest to open its own trading card brand, “DulUTH Trading”.

The card company, which sells a wide range of trading cards to retail and government customers, opened a brick and mortar shop on Tuesday.

Its new flagship store is located at the Duluth-Saginaw border crossing, where passengers cross into the US for their travel to Canada, where they will board planes for their onward journey to the west coast.

Duluth’s new trading card, Duluth Trading Cards, was inspired by the Dulce City, Michigan, market, the Dulces of America, a trade fair held annually by the United States State Department of Commerce in Duluth.

The Duluth trade fair has been held annually since 1873 and is one the largest trade fairs in the country.

Dulce, a city of 3,400 residents, was the first in Michigan to open a card company.

“We were looking at the market and wanted to give Duluth a chance,” Duluth Business Development Director Scott Paine said.

“A lot of people had their own cards and wanted us to offer our own product.”

Duluth was one of two cities in Minnesota that announced plans for its own card brand earlier this year, joining the ranks of Minneapolis and Rochester.

Paine says Duluth is “a great market” for the brand.

“Our business is growing and our growth has been through the trade show, the card fair, and the trade shows,” he said.

Dulsellys’ new card is not the first Duluth card.

“There are several card companies that are based out of Duluth,” Paine noted.

“One of the big ones, for example, is the Dulzell Trading Company.”

Dulzells main competitor, Dulsells, was launched in 2013 in Dulzelle, Minnesota.

It currently has about 100 employees, Paine added.

“Dzell has been very successful and we are very proud of that.”

Dulsellies current stock is at $3.75, Pain said.

The new Duluth trading card is based on a design that Duluths team worked on for about a year and a half.

The cards are currently available in Dulsellians stores.

The brand has already had success in the US, and Paine is excited to be a part of Dulsellis success.

“This is a very, very special brand that is really making a difference,” Pain added.