Trading volume on BTC-BTC trading volume has increased from November 9 to November 20 as the price of ETH has increased significantly in recent days, according to the Bitstamp blockchain data.

The daily trading volume of BTC-ETH, which represents a total of approximately 6.6 million BTC at the time of writing, is higher than the daily trading volumes of ETH and LTC, according the data.

Trading volume on the BTC-GBP traded volume is also higher than on the ETH-USD and ETH-BTC traded volume, according data provided by Bitstamps trading platform.

Bitstills trading volume data shows that the trading volume for the BTC and the BTCGBP have increased, the data shows.

Bitstamp has also announced that it has added over 1,000,000 BTC to its portfolio, according an announcement from the company.

Bitcoins trading volume peaked at $2.6 billion USD in November 2016, but has since decreased slightly, reaching $2 billion USD by November 2017.

The price of BTC has increased considerably since then.