Trading card games are fun.

And when you’re a big fan of the game, there’s an element of risk involved.

You can be banned, or have your account removed, for not following rules.

Rocket League, however, is a new game with a new way of trading cards.

RocketLeague’s trading card template doesn’t allow you to do things like buy cards, sell cards, or sell them as you wish.

The trading card templates have some rules that are pretty straightforward, but there are still a lot of rules that aren’t so clear.

Rocketleague is a card game that allows you to trade cards online.

There are some rules, however.

The rules that make up RocketLeague are not always clear.

If you want to play RocketLeague, here are the rules you should know before you play Rocket League.

Rocketball rules 1.

You must be 21 or older to play.


You cannot trade cards in the game unless you are 21 or over.


You are required to sign in to the game.


There is a limit of one trade per user per account.

If a player is banned from the game for trading cards, they will be banned from that account.


You may only trade with other Rocket League players on the same account.


Rocket league trading cards are not transferable.

You will be charged a fee to get your card.


You should only trade in-game with other players in the same Rocket League game.

If there are more players than that, they can trade on their own account.


If someone is banned for trading card use, they cannot play in the Rocket League matchmaking.


Rocket ball rules can only be used by people who are registered in Rocket League in-client.


The game does not have a maximum trade limit.

RocketBall rules 1