Trading stocks in the cryptocurrency bitcoin is on the rise as trading space Frank Trading spaces in Dallas, Texas opened in late October.

The Dallas-based startup plans to open five more trading spaces by the end of the year, with the intention of making the stock market trading experience “just as seamless” as traditional stock trading.

The space, located at 5201 E. Fair Park Blvd., is expected to have “the largest selection of digital stocks, cryptocurrencies and futures markets in the US,” according to its website.

The company’s founder and CEO, Frank O. Johnson, said in a statement that his goal with the trading space is to “help make trading more fun and more accessible.”

Frank Trading Spaces is owned by Johnson, who has previously worked at PayPal and the New York Stock Exchange.

He has previously founded two trading platforms: Crypto Trading and Crypto Trading Space.

Johnson told CNBC in September that trading on the platform was a “sustainable, profitable business” and that he’s confident his company’s product will become “one of the most sought after” for trading in the future.