Shanghai, China— The Disney Trading Pins Trading Post (DTP) is opening on Tuesday and the Disney Princesses trading post (PTP) in Hong Kong are set to open later this month. 

The opening of the trading post and the PTP will be one of the largest investments by Disney to date, according to Walt Disney Imagineering. 

This will be the second Disney Trading Point in China.

The trading post opened on April 29, 2016, and the trading posts in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guangxi, Tianjin, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai and Hong Kong opened on August 10, 2016. 

“We are proud to bring our trading pins to Shanghai, a major destination for Disney Princess merchandise,” said Tom Schaller, President and Chief Operating Officer of Walt Disney Enterprises.

“We look forward to having our trading pin trading post in Shanghai be one more of the signature trading places in China and bringing the Disney brand to many more people.” 

The trading posts will allow Disney Princess fans to easily find the latest merchandise at their favorite retail locations around the world. 

With the opening of these trading points, Disney Princess will be able to get their favorite merchandise at its new trading post more easily than ever before. 

Trading posts can also be used to sell Disney merchandise in the Disney stores, but the trading pins will allow customers to quickly and easily find Disney merchandise for purchase at the participating retailers. 

Disney Princess Trading Post will feature a variety of Disney themed pins, including trading pins for each of the Disney Parks, Disney Islands and Disney Cruise Line, as well as pin-up pins for the Disney Kingdoms theme parks, as pictured below. 

As a new trading point, the trading points will be available in two sizes, a Standard and Deluxe size.

The Standard trading point is available in the United States, while the Deluxe trading point will be added to Hong Kong and Shanghai in August, 2018. 

Once the trading point opens, it will become a convenient place for Disney fans to find the hottest merchandise in stores around the globe. 

These trading points are expected to be open to the public within a few months. 

While the trading pints and trading pins are expected in store in Shanghai on Wednesday, August 19, the opening date for the trading centers in Hong.

China and Shanghai is also a month before Disney’s opening of The Jungle Book: The Lost World of Harry Potter, which will be opening in China on September 11. 

Check out our gallery of images from the opening event below.

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