The first stock trading halt will be in the UK, with the biggest disruption to financial services likely to be in Scotland.

In the UK on Friday, a number of UK exchanges will be closed, including BT, RBS and Santander.

Trading halt: UKExchange (OTC: BBX)A stock exchange that is listed in the European Union and whose trading has not been suspended since the Brexit vote.RBS (OTCPK: RBS)A bank that is also listed in Europe.RMS (OTCMK:RMS)A company that is not listed in any of the European markets.

Santander (OTCS:SANT)A financial services company that provides customer and institutional banking services.

Shares in the British bank closed at £10.20 on Thursday, a decline of 2.5 per cent on Thursday.

Banks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France will be able to reopen on Friday.

The UK’s financial services regulator, Ofcom, said on Thursday it would open trading for most banks in the next 24 hours.

“The bank closure will impact the UK’s trading system, as banks will be required to close on a ‘pause’ basis,” Ofcom said in a statement.

It is not yet clear what will happen to the trading of foreign exchange and other financial products, such as commodities, that are traded on the UK market.

But the UK stock market has been hit hard by the Brexit decision.

It closed at 1.9 per cent lower than a year ago, the lowest level since at least June 2017.

The pound has also dropped to its lowest level against the US dollar in almost a decade, after the Brexit announcement.