The biggest cryptocurrency, bitcoin, is still in its infancy and is yet to gain a mass market.

But a new cryptocurrency called cryptomind, based on an open-source protocol, is showing signs of growing adoption, and is already gaining traction.

Here are five reasons you should consider buying it.1.

Cryptomind is a cryptocurrency platform with an ecosystem and a platform to grow1.

Crypto is a digital currency that exists in the real world, but is also virtual.

Cryptocurrencies can be created and traded in a blockchain, a virtual network that processes transactions in a way that is independent of the central authority.

Bitcoin, which has a total market cap of about $1.7 billion, has been created by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous programmer who first proposed a crypto-currency in 2008.1/3″We created bitcoin as a digital-currency that existed in the world and had a market cap,” said cryptominder founder and CEO Raghuram Krishnan in a phone interview.

“But we’re not really a currency.

We’re an ecosystem.

We want to create an alternative, a new currency.”2.

Cryptonomind is powered by blockchain technology that uses cryptography to guarantee that a transaction cannot be reversed.

This allows transactions to be verified at every step of the process.3.

The platform’s developers have developed a “proof-of-stake” model, which rewards people who participate in the network with a percentage of the profits made.

“You get paid if you buy a lot of things,” said Krishnan.

“If you buy something in the platform, you’re rewarded.”4.

Cryptominet has become the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in Asia, trading around $20 billion in volume every day.

The company is a partner with the Chinese digital currency exchange Huobi, which is also one of the most popular platforms in Asia for bitcoin trading.5.

The team behind cryptomend is working on adding a feature that would allow users to track and trade cryptocurrencies and other assets.

In addition, cryptomnd is working to provide a digital asset index that is used to calculate trading fees.