Women’s Day trading at the Duluth Trading Company, where many of the women traded in the company’s days.

– APTN News (Canada) title Duluth day trading company is ‘finally’ hiring a woman article Duluth trading company has hired a woman to help run its days trading programs.

– Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC) title Woman hired as Duluth company’s day trader article The Duluth Exchange Company is hiring a female employee as day trader, according to a news release.

“She has extensive experience working with trading programs at various Canadian and international trading centres and has the necessary skills and experience to operate the day trading programs,” the release stated.

– CBC News (CBC News) title Canada’s day traders ‘humble and determined’ as day trading program grows source Google news (UK/USA) title A day trader with no formal training can trade the day at a Canadian trading centre article A day trading specialist who has never held a formal trade certificate or held a trade licence in Canada has started her first year at a Duluth exchange company.

– Reuters Canada (Reuters) title Day trading specialist has no formal trade experience, says she’s ‘really humbled’ by the opportunity article The founder of Duluth, a day trading business that provides trading services for Canada, has launched her first full-time trading career.

– Bloomberg Canada (Bloomberg) title ‘It’s all about the day’: Day trading pioneer to be the first Canadian to become trade supervisor in the U.S. article The owner of a Canadian day trading firm said it’s all part of a larger trend.

“It’s not just about one day, it’s about being the first person to come forward to be a day trader,” said Jessica Côté.

“This is a big opportunity.”

– ReutersCanada (Reuters Canada) title Canadian trading firm hired woman as day trade supervisor article The company said in a news conference Thursday that it hired a female trader who has not held a certificate of completion for a trade in Canada.

“We are excited to bring the day trader to Duluth to help us further expand our services and work with our partners,” said Côlent.

“I am truly humbled to be able to do this.”

– BloombergCanada (Bloomberg Canada)